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Who are the largest direct auto insurance near me in Dallas?

According to the most recent data from the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI), there are over 55 automobile insurers serving the State of Texas, including Dallas. If you live in the Dallas area, you have your pick of major auto insurers like Allstate, and Nationwide. The TDI reports that the top 55 auto insurers in Texas together control 92.55% of the state’s auto insurance market share. And that these 40 companies wrote auto insurance policies valued at over $13 billion in Texas.

Auto insurance in Dallas
According to the TDI’s most recent figures, Direct auto insurance companies like Allstate, Nationwide, Farmers, etc. are the largest auto insurance companies operating in Texas. It controls nearly one-third of the state’s market share. It wrote over $1.8billion in auto insurance policies in Texas. State Farm reports that it currently has 85 agents serving the Dallas, Texas, metropolitan area.

State Farm offers a variety of auto insurance discounts for Texas drivers, including those residing in Dallas, also offers discounts for insured drivers who are away at college. Young drivers can earn auto insurance discounts by participating in the Steer Clear Safe Drivers education program and by demonstrating high levels of academic achievement.

Allstate in Dallas
Allstate is the second most popular auto insurer in Texas, according to the TDI. The company wrote over $5 million in auto insurance policies every year, comprising just over 9% of the state’s auto insurance market. Allstate lists 69 licensed agents serving Dallas, Texas, Allstate offers nearly 400 agents in the Dallas area.

Allstate reports that the most common auto insurance coverage levels for its Texas customers are $25,000-$50,000 for Bodily Injury Liability. $25,000 for Property Damage Liability, and $2,500 each for Personal Injury Protection and Medical Payments. The most common deductible levels for Texas drivers insured by Allstate are $500 each for collision and comprehensive coverage.

Direct Auto Insurance near me in Dallas

Direct car Insurance lists 50 agents serving drivers in the Dallas, Texas, metro area. The TDI reports that Direct auto insurance is the third most popular auto insurance company in Texas. has more than $3.5 million in auto insurance policies written, therefore, it controls a 6.34% share of the Texas auto insurance market for passenger vehicles.

Dallas, Texas, residents who insure their cars searching for Direct auto insurance near me, customers can take advantage of auto insurance discounts for driving an alternative fuel vehicle. Signing up to pay for an electronic funds transfer, and insuring multiple vehicles through Direct auto insurance near me. Therefore, All state’s customers can also secure discounts by insuring their homes or apartments with Direct insurance.

Other Popular Dallas Auto Insurance Companies
The Dallas auto insurance company with the fourth-largest market share is USAA, with 4.3%. Travelers Insurance has the fifth-highest market share, with 3.86%, while 0thers Texas auto insurance companies, with more than 1% of the state’s market share, include Texas Farm Bureau, Nationwide, and Safeco.

Auto Insurance Rates for Dallas, Texas

The TDI provides Texas residents with a tool that calculates sample auto insurance rates based on their personal profiles and geographic locations. These are sample rates provided to the TDI by the auto insurance companies, Keep that in mind that. All are for residents of Dallas County, Texas, who have good credit and have one speeding ticket on their driving records.

For a single male driver under age 25 who uses his car to commute to work, Sample annual rates for state minimum coverage ranged from $621 to $5,800. The lowest rate was from Allstate, and United Services Automobile Association (USAA) offered the second-lowest rate of $875. Garrison provided the third-lowest rate, at $1,021 annually.

The annual range
For married male drivers between the ages of 25 and 65 who use their cars for commuting, the sample rates provided were far lower, even for full coverage. They ranged from $254 to $1,261 annually. Allstate offered the lowest rate, and DIRECT provided the second-lowest rate of $276. The third-lowest rate listed was $291, offered by USAA.

A married female driver over age 65 who uses her car for pleasure and purchases full coverage will pay similar rates, and the same three companies offered the lowest rates. GEICO provided the lowest sample annual rate of $249, and the second-lowest sample rate of $288 came from Allstate. USAA provided the third-lowest sample rate of $294. The highest sample auto insurance rate for this driver profile was $1,206.

Popular Cars, Trucks, and SUVs in Texas
The Texas Department of Transportation (TDOT) reports that there were nearly 2.5 million new vehicle registrations for the state in 2017, this represents an increase of almost 10% compared to 2014. The most recently available data from the Federal Highway Administration (FHA) indicates that Texas has more than 7.8 million privately-owned automobiles and more than 6.9 million privately-owned trucks on the road. The only state reporting a larger number of vehicles in California, with more than 11 million.

Most popular brands
For the first half of 2014, the most popular auto brands in typical Dallas, Texas, zip codes were Chevrolet, Ford, Chrysler, and Toyota, according to There are four Chevrolet dealerships in Dallas, Texas, where you can test drive popular Chevy models like the Silverado pickup truck, the Equinox SUV, and the Camaro sports car.

Anyone who searches for the terms direct auto insurance near me in Texas can easily find two Ford dealerships within Dallas city limits. Here, you can try out the Ford Escape, which was the top-selling SUV in the U.S. for May 2014, according to AOL Autos. There’s one Chrysler dealership in Dallas, Texas, where you can test your driving experience with the Jeep Grand Cherokee, which was ready for the 2014 model year. Dallas also has four Toyota dealerships, where you can purchase best-selling cars like the Toyota Corolla or top-ranked pickup trucks like the Toyota Tacoma.

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