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Top Rated Car Insurance Companies

Top Rated Car Insurance Companies
Finding the top rated car insurance companies is easier now than ever before, thanks to the internet. It still requires careful searching and time reviewing carriers. In addition to being a big financial decision, it’s crucial that you find an insurer that will take of your needs if you’re ever in an accident and file a claim.

Review Companies you’re Considering Getting Coverage With Carefully
The best providers offer an array of service and coverage options. This includes excellent customer service, an easy to use website and fast claim processing. Last but not least, the insurer should offer competitive rates that fit into your budget.
With the exception of Virginia and New Hampshire, all states require drivers carry a minimum amount of car insurance. Even in these two states, most vehicle owners opt to carry auto insurance, to make certain they are taken care of in the event they get into an accident.

Finding the Right Policy and Coverage

There’s no denying that car insurance can be expensive, which is why so many people often get sucked in by extremely low rates. Though it’s easy to focus your search entirely on the cost of your monthly premium, price is definitely not the only factor to consider.

In fact, when something bad happens, such as a theft or serious wreck, people tend to quickly realize what they pay for. If they’ve made a good decision, the process of filing and settling a claim will be relatively easy and convenient. If not, filing a claim can make an already horrible time that much worse.

What Makes the Best Car Insurance Companies?

There isn’t a uniform answer to this question. What makes one company great for one driver may make it undesirable for another. Also, rates vary a great deal from one person to another. This is why it’s important to compare as many quotes as you can.

Larger insurance companies frequently have advantages over smaller competitors. This includes financial stability, 24-hour customer service, brand recognition, a larger network of agents and claims adjusters and better websites and apps.

Recently, Consumer Reports conducted a survey of over 28,000 car insurance customers who had filed claims between a two and a half year period. Based on two major criteria, they ranked 22 car insurers. The criteria involved included:

  • How quickly claims were paid
  • Whether or not there were any problems during the claims process

The carrier ratings were given a rating system between 1 and 100. All of the companies that were reviewed ranked high, in the top twenty percent. It was also interesting to find several smaller providers ranking as top favorites. This goes to show that the big guys don’t always have the best rates and service. It also proves the all important point that you should compare quotes from a broad base of insurers. About 20% of the surveyed insurers received complaints on slow claim processing.

Who Tops the List of Best Insurers

Of the respondents, 86% were “highly satisfied” with how their claims were handled. New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance, Arbella, and Auto-Owners Insurance Group scored in the top 8%. It’s worth noting that these companies do not offer policies in every state. They could also have stringent eligibility rules that prevent some people from qualifying.

What Should You Look for in a Car Insurance Company?

We’ve all heard horror stories from people who’ve been treated horribly by their insurance company after an accident. In some cases, the insurance company simply wasn’t there for them. In others, the company turned the process of filing a claim into a nightmare, by providing horrible service and making the customer jump through hoops. This should never be the case. After all, you pay your car insurance company a lot of money. As a result, you deserve the best.

To help you find the best provider, you’ll want to look for a company that offers the following.

  • Outstanding customer service, as evidenced by excellent customer satisfaction ratings and online reviews.
  • A wide variety of coverage options
  • Strong financial ratings
  • Affordable coverage

Top 10 Auto Insurance Companies

It’s never been easier to get a quote from multiple car insurance companies. At direct auto insurance, we only recommend the industry’s top insurance companies that have the cheapest rates. Most coverage can be bought online, which is another big plus.

Our top 10 list, is located below. You’ll notice that all the companies on our list have several things in common. For example, they all offer outstanding customer service, low rates, and record high customer satisfaction ratings.

Geico’s customer service is incomparable. This may be why they’ve managed to accumulate a large customer base, which allows them to offer lower premiums. Of course, the cute gecko commercials probably help them attract more customers. Geico’s website is also top-rated. You can get a quote, buy a policy and file a claim all online. Geico also has great discounts for safe drivers and military personnel.  Recently, Geico became the second largest auto insurer in the U.S.

Progressive is one of the quickest and easiest car insurance companies to get started with. They also have some of the best rates, because they sell direct policies. They pride themselves on ensuring any interaction you have with them is free of stress. Progressive also has very cheap car insurance with no deposit for qualified customers. Good drivers can save 30% or more with cheap Progressive car insurance.   

In recent years, Esurance has gained plenty of ground in the car insurance industry. The company was born on the web and sells direct to consumer auto insurance. They offer cheaper rates than most competitors due to their low-cost business model. Esurance has used TV ads to draw in customers and hooked them with customer service that’s hard to beat. Plus, they offer great discounts, along with low monthly payments.

21st Century
This car insurer has some of the lowest rates anywhere for motorists with good driving records. 21st Century is a direct carrier. This means they sell policies online through their easy to use website. It allows them to keep costs way down and thereby offer cheaper coverage. Liability only plans can be purchased for as low as $1 per day. They also have several discounts that can save you more.

Unlike many other car insurance companies, Arbella doesn’t focus on creating unique commercials and ads to draw in customers. Instead, they rely on word of mouth and referrals, which has allowed them to thrive. They keep their costs low and pass these savings onto their customers. Loyal customers love the company, especially their no hassle claim service and online support.

State Farm
If it seems as if State Farm has been around forever, it’s because they have. Part of this is due to their incredible customer service, particularly their helpful claim agents. Another reason is because of the great amount of coverage they offer for a very affordable price. With over 18% of the market share, State Farm (founded in 1922) is the biggest auto and home carrier in the United States. If you need a dedicated agent and fair pricing, check out State Farm.

American Family Insurance
Despite being one of the smallest companies on our list, American Family Insurance has a lot going for it. Policyholders give AMFAM extremely high marks for customer service. They have a great reputation for promptly filing claims. American Family also has low rates, especially for those motorists with good driving records. Unfortunately, the companies policies are only available in 19 states.

Liberty Mutual
Founded in 1912, Liberty Mutual has a sterling reputation that has allowed them to stay on top, as one of the leading car insurance companies for decades. They are known for being extremely personable, having a short wait time for claims, and offering fair rates. In recent years, Liberty Mutual has offered accident forgiveness plans, which has attracted many new customers.

When Allstate says “you’re in good hands,” they are telling the truth. Their customers absolutely love them. As an added bonus, they were one of the first car insurance companies to offer accident forgiveness. They continue to be one of the companies on top of innovative changes. They have completely changed how consumers pay for car insurance,  with low-cost monthly premiums that can be paid online or a variety of other ways.

If you didn’t know AAA offered more than just discount travel accommodations and roadside assistance, now you do. They offer top-notch auto insurance and will be by your side every step of the way if you ever have an accident. Full coverage plans start at about $60 per month, which makes their rates very competitive.

A Few Things to Remember

It’s crucial that you compare quotes from all the top rated car insurance companies online or over the phone before you buy a policy. However, never just go with the cheapest rate. Instead, look around and pay close attention to how they handle claims and their customer service reviews.

If you have complex insurance needs, like auto, home, and commercial, you may be better served by an independent agent from a large insurer like State Farm. If you need to insure your car with the cheapest rates, then direct insurers like Progressive can offer you great low-cost coverage. Get a rate check up online and get the savings you deserve. It’s easy to save hundreds with direct car insurance quotes.

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