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Used Car Insurance – Ways to save on your policy

Used Car Insurance---Ways to save on your policyFor most consumers who buy cheap used car insurance, more often than not, means they value conscious and budget minded. While many people are pros at negotiating a considerable low price on a used vehicle, they often don’t know how to get cheap used car insurance. Your primary focus on ensuring a used automobile should be the amount of coverage you get. Things depend on many factors such as your driving ability and behavior and the area in which you live. The rule of thumb is to select the most comprehensive vehicle coverage you can afford, and that fits into your budget. An important consideration in purchasing significant coverage for your used car is that anything can happen to the best drivers. So many people drive without any auto insurance, so you need to protect yourself adequately with the proper coverage.

Used Car Insurance Requirements

All states have enacted laws that mandate drivers to maintain certain minimum insurance coverage. If you own a car, new or used, you must abide by your state’s automobile insurance laws. To find out about your state’s insurance requirements, check out the state department of insurance website and make note of the key mandates. Becoming informed about state insurance laws will also allow you not to get burned by greedy insurance salespeople who just might try and sell you a policy that you don’t need or even worse can’t afford. Auto Insurance Laws vary widely from state to state with California and New York having more stricter laws than Florida and Montana. The California drivers, for example, they pay on average more than $500 more per automobile than Florida residents. This is because of the high rate of California vehicle thefts, accidents, and more stringent used car insurance minimums.

Cheap used cars to ensure direct auto insurance

Before you go out and buy that used car, do some basic research and look into the average insurance costs for the 2 or 3 car models you are set on. One of the prime factors insurers use to set prices is the vehicle itself. Also, two-door automobiles cost a lot more to insure than four-door models. Many brands have four-door models such as the Infiniti 2018 QX80 and Honda Accord that have nearly the same performance as the two-door model but could save you hundreds per year on used car insurance. Here are some late model, used vehicles to consider.

1. Any Volvo

Volvo cars are famous for their safety that results in much fewer deaths and lower catastrophic insurance claims. Insurance companies have rewarded Volvo owners with some of the lowest car insurance rates around. Not only are Volvos cheap to insure but they are quality cars and fun to drive.

2. Volkswagen Beetle

These cars are fabulous for young people and are some of the cheapest cars to insure. If you like German engineering and the unique style of Beetle’s, then it should be at the top of your list.

3. Toyota Camry

This Toyota brand is one of the top-selling cars in the world and one of the safest. Toyota Camry’s are cheap to insure all over the United States, and you can get a used model at great rates.

Don’t overpay for a used car insurance

Now that you have selected your used car and hopefully gained a great deal, it’s time to get cheap insurance with reliable coverage.
Bodily injury and liability. This coverage will pay for the medical and other associated costs that you are deemed liable for in an accident. In nearly every state, you are required to pay a minimum of $18,000, but it is wise to purchase at least $30,000 worth. Some people that have a high net worth are advised to get t least $100,000 of car liability coverage to adequately protect themselves financially. In today’s litigious environment, this makes sense if you have a lot of assets that someone could sue for to try and claim in the event you were involved in an at-fault accident.

    • Liability insurance for property damage. If you are in an at-fault accident, and you caused damage to a person’s property, then this coverage will pay for those related costs to repair or replace it. Even though you are insuring a used vehicle if you can afford it, get at least $10,000 of property damage coverage.
    • Liability insurance for Medical loss. This coverage will pay for medical costs not only to you but for all those covered by your policy that were injured. In nearly all states, the legal minimums are $5,000. You should get at least $10,000 worth and depend on your budget up to $100,000.

Don’t get a sports car

While everyone dreams of getting a fancy sports car and racing full-speed down the highway, these cars are costly to insure. Even used sports cars can cost $300 or more to protect which means you could be paying $2,000 more per year for insurance. What we say is simply because sports cars are statistically so much more likely to get into serious, often fatal accidents. People just don’t buy fast cars to go slow, and speed sadly kills as they say. Getting cheap insurance on a used car doesn’t often equate to a sports car. However, a used MINI coupe, although not blazing fast like a Porsche, has low insurance costs for its class, so you might want to test drive one.

Safe drivers have lower insurance costs

If you are a safe, responsible driver with a suitable driving record, you will get an instant discount on used car insurance. One of the key factors car insurance companies use to determine rates is your driving record and how many at fault accidents you have been in and how many citations you have been issued. The better the driver you are, the lower your rates will be. If you do get a quote, make sure always to take a class, so the points are not added to your driving profile. Not only does drive safe lower insurance costs but it, more importantly, saves lives.

Shop online for the lowest used car insurance rates

Shopping for car insurance thanks to the internet is fast and easy. There are more auto insurers than even fighting for your business, and it makes sense to shop around to compare rates, so you know you are getting the lowest price possible. There are many car insurance firms out there that are not on television every day that cost 70% of the national brand’s ones. To get matched with the best insurance rates for your used car insurance, just fill out a quick online quote now. The quote is free and never comes with any obligation to buy a policy. Get started now and saw how much money you can save.

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